Sunday, September 30, 2007

new house

the landlord at my new house calls me about 12 times a day. its terrible.
here is our fireplace that is falling away from the house that he is going to remove this tuesday


all my life i have wanted to play the drums. this is my sweet new used 4 piece kit

new used computer

i busted my laptop computer at the beginning of the summer and was without until just now. my mom gave me her old one. i don't have the internets at my house, so i still use the librarys

house hunting

i'm thinking about buying a house

not this one /\

maybe this one /\

dentist appointment

i had a dentist appointment at PSU last week to get my teeth cleaned. they have a policy that if i don't cancel within 24 hours than i have to pay $25. they called me the morning of and said that their teeth cleaning equipment weren't working that day. i have to take antibiotics before i go to the dentist

backpack contents

last thursday I played ping-pong, rock climbed and played futsol. i carried these items in my backpack all day

my new job

here is the badge for my new job

here is my new tattoo that a client gave me


poortland, or
looky feet gray riders

jan. 2010

jan. 2010

far out

far out
far out

me rollerskating and pretending that my leg is a guitar

me rollerskating and pretending that my leg is a guitar
some smarty-pants 11-year old kid took this picture with nicole's expensive camera.