Sunday, October 21, 2007

snot and driving

i was picking my nose
this morning and the
snot that appeared
on my fingers spelled
out SO.
(i couldn't decide
which picture was
i've been driving way
too much lately. here
is a picture from my
new dashboard

\/ this project that i am doing (illustrated below \/) makes it convenient to blog

Friday, October 19, 2007

here are a few of my fav's from last
night. i spend a very large amount
of time in the graduate computer
lab working on this project.

heres a show to go to
(flier design by kevin nagler)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Friday, October 12, 2007

my show weighs a ton

this was like last night and also about 30 minutes. i just finished 31

Saturday, October 6, 2007

this is what i am doing right now and until group show gets installed

i am documenting every single photo, drawing, painting, interesting piece of papers, books, toys, sculptures, found stuff, postcards, magnets, stickers, skateboard, etc. almost everything that i have in my possession will be going into the group show. i am taking digital photos of each thing and creating themed, or random, CD-rs filled with pdfs, videos, music, lists, text, and extra bonus secret stuff. hopefully i will make 20 editions of CD-rs with 7 proofs each (or is it the other way around). anyway, there shall be 140 CD-rs. above are excerpts.
I'm not exactly sure how I am going to be exhibiting the CD-rs. I am excellent at drawing on CDs and am going to provide CD envelopes (so whomever takes one can transport it safely) in which I have also drawn on. everyone, hopefully, will get a CD-r and envelope. if not, i will provide my email address somewhere in the gallery so they can have one. my email address will also be included on most CD-rs for various secret bonus reasons.
i believe this will work because most everyone(who may attend the show) has some sort of access to a computer.
as a companion piece, I am going to exhibit my good friend, Mandy's, toe and finger nail clippings collection. i did have a photo of a bag of my clippings that I have been collecting but i cannot find it, due to bad organization. this project is going to be difficult because i don't have a proper computer with the proper programs and proper space. i'm reliant on using the school computers during their open hours.
oh yeah, animations, clothing, personal photos, etc. will also be included.


poortland, or
looky feet gray riders

jan. 2010

jan. 2010

far out

far out
far out

me rollerskating and pretending that my leg is a guitar

me rollerskating and pretending that my leg is a guitar
some smarty-pants 11-year old kid took this picture with nicole's expensive camera.